A Little About Me:

My name is Christine, I'm 26 ( almost 27 ),7 years strong with hubby Ryan, Stay at home Mom to two beautiful girls, Shelby & Kendall, ages 1 & 3. We live in a small town in Wyoming. My husband & I were born and raised here. We settled into our first home about 3 years ago & enjoy snowmobiling in the winter months & hanging out in the summer months. I don't have any fancy college degree or work experience, my goal most of my life was to be a wife and stay at home mom. I met my sweetie while cruzing around. We share a love for motosports and the outdoors. 

I'm a fairly outspoken & know what i want in life. I have been told by many I'm great at writing & that's kinda funny cause I was horrible at English in school! After discovering Pintrest I have really gotten into DIY projects,crafts, baking & some cooking. I have taken those hobbies and blending them into this blog. I have learned alot over the 2012-2013 year & want to share it with friends, family & the world! 

Blog Name Inspiration:
The inspiration for the blogs name is after watching my two girls play together & how precious they are to me & my slight obsession with finding an excuse to make a tutu for them at about every event possible, while not getting to girly with it :-) I hope this blog inspires my girls to be the best wives & homemakers & pick husbands who appreciate it! Thank you for stopping by!

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