Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!

Getting my kiddos ready for the big candy night!! What are you dressing your little ones up as?? 

Mine are Batman & Robin ( in tutu's ) I will be posting pictures of them all dressed up in the next couple of days! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Since when is Thanksgiving Day "Black Friday" Shopping Day?!

Okay so to start off this is a small piece of my mind, I receive emails about Black Friday ( THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING) Deals. 

As most of my family and most you will come to know, I am a couponer, not crazy but very dedicated! I know the value of shopping on Black Friday and have done it for the past 3 years ( and will be doing again this year). But Im getting really frustrated and annoyed that all the "Black Friday" sales are now moving into "Thanksgiving Sales"! Are you kidding!? We are supposed to be spending time with our families and enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving meal that someone(s) in our families have slaved over all day (or maybe even days before)! 

And now for the sake of "the deal of the year" these crazy store owners are opening ( and making their employees work ) on Thanksgiving!!!! Most recently announced, Kohls will be opening at 8PM, yes i know not that early on Thanksgiving but up until recently, NO BODY was open until bright and early on the true "Black Friday"!!

My Rant is over but im very frustrated with this & really really hope you are not taking precious valuable time away from your families to save some money this holiday season! After all you can't BUY time with your family & these sales aren't just here and gone in 1 stinkin day! These stores run TONS of them!

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this! I would love to know what everybody elese thinks about it! 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween Yarn Wreath

In the spirit of the season I made a Yarn Wreath. I have seen SO many of these on Pintrest and they looked so easy to do!!

I used the following supplies:

-1 larger roll of Orange Yarn ( just got it at walmart )
- 16in Styrofoam Wreath ( This one is a flat surface one, I couldn't find a round one but that works too )
-Various hanging Halloween decor sold in the Halloween section of Walmart 
-Some 2 1/2 in Deco Ribbon 
-roll of Halloween Mesh Ribbon sold in the halloween dept as well, i have never seen this stuff before but it is very popular this year!

I didnt take pictures of the wrapping of the yarn, kinda self explanatory. It took a while to do this part of it, I have seen some many different ways of doing, i just kept it neat the first wrap and then went around 2 more times just filling in the spots. The last wrap i made sure to keep with some sort of the same design so it didnt look too messy. 

I took of picture how i attached the bow, i used some christmas wire stuff and it worked awesome! 

The decorations are totally up to how you want it to look and all that. The possibilities are completely endless! My sweet husband didnt think the ribbon bow matched at all but its all in the eye of the beholder right?! 

In the end im in love with it and it looks so perfect on our door! Couldn't be happier!   

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Spooky Spiders

So what first inspired this craft was me wanting to decorate for Halloween and spending 2 hours outside on Sunday afternoon brain storming ideas. After lots of debating I went with lights srung on the inside of our covered front door area. I will post more pictures when i get all the rest of the yard decorated. I did not want to go with a really scary theme but more of a fun place to trick or treat. I then decided spider web under the lights would be so cool! AND THEN! wanted to make my own fun spiders. 

I didnt take pictures of all the supplies but i used:
-Smallish/Medium size Styrofoam balls from Joann's Fabrics 
-Can of Black Spray paint
-Craft Pipe Cleaners
-Craft fuzzy poof things
-Googly Eyes

I had my hubby paint the balls but litterly the pain ate the Styrofoam!! I was kinda worried about it but after i started making the spiders it didnt really matter. My Daughter and I then just pushed the pipe cleaners in sets of 4 on each side of the ball. I did a combo of different colored legs to be fun, I was going to do all black ones but i had some other really fun colored pipe cleaners and loved making up cute combos. I then picked out some "fuzzy poof things" and then some googly eyes and hot glued those all together on to the Styrofoam ball. Kinda self explanatory but just wanted to make it a complete tutorial. 

I took a picture of them all and called them a "Spider Family", My daughter LOVED that!! :-)
She picked the TINIEST eyes for this one!! haha She was very proud of it!

I then put 1 pipe cleaner into the back of the spider and hung it somewhat upside down on the side of the house to give the hang effect. ( The Yarn Wreath in the background is another craft i did today, will post a whole post on that! )  

 We had a BLAST making these and im so excited to finish up my halloween decorations! I will be posting pictures of that soon!! Hope you all enjoy!! I would love to see and hear what you are doing for this spooky halloween! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gift giving ideas & update!

Anyone Wondering where the heck I went? Haha! Well Im currently working on A LOT of different projects and hoping next week to update with lots of new things I have created!! 

I recently gave my husbands grandma a small birthday gift of my Lemony Lemon Disposal Tablets and some homemade hand scrub and she really liked them! I wanted to share a few pictures of the packaging I did! Maybe inspire you to come up with a creative idea of your next gift packaging!! Simply just used canning jars and then my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the labels. I really wanted to use chalk board vinyl but I haven't been able to get any yet! I also just used some scrap ribbon i had laying around. I had probably too much fun taking pictures of it too! My daughter thought it was pretty funny i was taking pictures of these! 

I found the recipe for this hand scrub on Pintrest of course!! Here is the link:  Petunia Pink Hand Scrub. It makes a wonderful gift and I LOVE this stuff!!! 

So coming up, i will be posting my huge halloween decoration project im working on. I completed half of it on sunday afternoon. Our house will be a fun place to trick or treat. Not too scary but fun!!! I also will be sharing with everyone my daughters costumes i made. They are almost completed and I hoping to get some really good pictures of them! I did not provide a tutorial, I was in a crazy hurry and just got them done but i will share some links where i found some very helpful instructions!