Thursday, September 19, 2013

DIY Boutique Flower Hair Bow Clip

This is a project I had done this past spring. I was trying to find those HUGE boutique flower hair clips for my daughter for her first birthday. Most of not all were upwards of $15! I was in shock, So like usual i set off on pinterest to find a solution! I ran accross this post & was SOOOO excited!

She did an amazing job of explaining it all and kind a no brainer! One of those, Wish i would have thought of that!! So i got 2 peony's on bogo at Joann's & followed instructions and was SOOOOO pleased with the results. It was exactly what i was wanting. I did end up going with some really blingy buttons and recently found a whole bunch on clearance so i can't wait to make another. i will make sure and document that step by step and share! Here are some pictures of my girlies wearing the peony's i did. I would also note that for little girls with fine hair like my oldests, make sure you use either a clip with "claws" and/or grosgrain ribbon so it holds in their hair. These flower hair clips are kinda heavy.    Someday i hope to get really creative and make some very unique ones for my girlies, that is if they are interested in them :-p


This picture is Kendall sporting the pink peony with her birthday dress on her first birthday!

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