Sunday, September 15, 2013

My small beginings * UPDATED Sept. 17th*

Hi Everyone. I have started this new blog in hopes to document and someday have a full fledged blog. I recently have turning into "suzy homemaker" with the help of Pintrest, yes dont we all LOVE that site!" some more than others :-) . I have been so excited to share all the things I have made and created with inspiration from all the other blogs floating around. I wanted to do a short and sweet introduction. Im a SAHM with 2 beautiful girls ages 3 & 1. I live in Wyoming & think my area of the US of A needs a blog like mine =) I hope everyone enjoys my posts and together we can create a booming blog!! Please feel free to "pin" anything from my blog! I would love to inspire others! 

UPDATE Sept. 17th

I wanted to share a little more of my inspiration for this blog. Over the past few years & especially 2013, I have really "blossomed" if you will. I went from being terrified of cooking(and other things too) and really taking hold of this housewife kinda of life style. I have been given MANY cookbooks and honestly have never wanted to try anything. My wonderful hubby Ryan is an amazing cook & with that comes trying to make something for him a challenge to say the least. I was happy not having to cook, i would clean up and he would cook. Believe me, he tried to convince me to cook but it was too scary. I signed up for Pintrest and for months never really got into it & slowly started paying more attention and then was inspired to create 1 or 2 recipes from it to see if i could even do this cooking thing! I had some epic fails but built on some very tiny successes, I have picked Ryan's brain and really started going for it. I created 1 dish for him that he had NOTHING to say but good things ( this is rare ) It was a homemade crunch wrap ( simple I know! ) but that really got my wheels spinning and i have been really doing well. 

I have defeated ALOT over the past year and becoming more confident in who i am and what i'm here for. My biggest hope is to inspire my girls to be the best wifes and mothers they can & the confidence to pick men who will appreciate it! I hope I can inspire just a few people to do the same. Its so liberating to have a passion & a drive! the name "two2 precious" is dedicated to my 2 wonder girls Shelby & Kendall ( and hopefully 1 or 2 more children ), I came up with the name while watching them play together and how precious they are to me. I also have this crazy drive to make tutus for them for just about everything special occasion while still trying to keep them not so girly hehe. I love you girls & my wonderful husband Ryan!    

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