Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lemony Lemon Fresh Garbage Disposal Tablets

Once again I have taken a Pintrest found pin & changed it up a bit. I saw this pin while just browsing & loved how cute the packaging was but also loved the fact that I have bought many items in the past to keep my garbage disposal nice and clean, why not just make my own?! 

My thought process behind these ingredients was mostly making a tablet that actually smelled for a long time and gave me that rich lemon smell when I used it. I also had read on the side of the washing soda box that you can use it to clean out drains. So I thought that would be a great addition!! I also added the Lemon EO to really add that strong wonderful lemon smell on top of the real lemons. I have read you can freeze lemon & vinager ice cubes, In my next version of this recipe im going to lightly chop up the entire lemon & add it to the tablet. I also am going to try either a orange or grapefruit scented one. ( Stay Tuned for those Recipes! ) For now im very pleased with this recipe & hope you all enjoy it too!
 Lemony Lemon Fresh Garbage Disposal Tablets


1 1/2 C-Baking Soda
1 1/2 C- Washing Soda
2 C- Kosher Salt ( needs to be a course type ground )
2 Teaspoons- Liquid Dish Soap
4- Lemons
4 Tablespoons- Lemon Essential Oil
For a added boost, you can add a splash or two of vinegar along with a tablet to give it a foaming action & a boost of cleaning power!

PLEASE NOTE: I split this into 2 separate bowls and combined them at the end, its really hard to mix this much quantity at one time, you could certainly just half this recipe too.

1. Combine Dry Ingredients and make sure is a smooth ( not clumpy ) powder.

2. Zest/Grate the entire outside of the lemon into the dry mixture. The more you get off and into this tablet, the better cleaning power and smell you have. Mix that well.

3. Add the dish soap and mix well
4. Juice lemons and add this to the mixture ( if you get a few seeds in the mixture no biggie ) *It will fiz, that is normal *

5. Add the Lemon Essential oil & the mixture should take on a wet sandy type mixture. The color is absolutely amazing and i think the smell is even better!!
6. Take a Tablespoon measuring spoon and squish/mashing it full of this mixture and scrap off the top, then drop these half size balls on to a parchment covered cookie sheet. This is where they will stay until the dry. Make sure you put them in a low humidity area ( for me it took about 24 hours for them to be dry) 

This full recipe made just enough to cover this cookie sheet. 

I then packaged them up in a glass cookie jar. I got this jar at Walmart for a few bucks ( i cant remember now )

Thank you for stopping by and reading! I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do! It makes a WONDERFUL! House Warming Gift, Christmas or just about any occasion! Let me know what creative ways you have packaged them up!

Here i posted some really cute ideas for giving this as a gift:

Gift Giving Ideas

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