Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Since when is Thanksgiving Day "Black Friday" Shopping Day?!

Okay so to start off this is a small piece of my mind, I receive emails about Black Friday ( THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING) Deals. 

As most of my family and most you will come to know, I am a couponer, not crazy but very dedicated! I know the value of shopping on Black Friday and have done it for the past 3 years ( and will be doing again this year). But Im getting really frustrated and annoyed that all the "Black Friday" sales are now moving into "Thanksgiving Sales"! Are you kidding!? We are supposed to be spending time with our families and enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving meal that someone(s) in our families have slaved over all day (or maybe even days before)! 

And now for the sake of "the deal of the year" these crazy store owners are opening ( and making their employees work ) on Thanksgiving!!!! Most recently announced, Kohls will be opening at 8PM, yes i know not that early on Thanksgiving but up until recently, NO BODY was open until bright and early on the true "Black Friday"!!

My Rant is over but im very frustrated with this & really really hope you are not taking precious valuable time away from your families to save some money this holiday season! After all you can't BUY time with your family & these sales aren't just here and gone in 1 stinkin day! These stores run TONS of them!

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this! I would love to know what everybody elese thinks about it! 

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