Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snowman Christmas/Winter Wreath

2 Weeks Till Christmas!!!

This a Tutorial of Sorts of the Flocked Fake Evergreen Snowman Wreath I made for Christmas. I found the Wreath and most of the decorations at Hobby Lobby, I then made the Snowman by hand ( Tutorial Here ). The snowflakes were all at Walmart & the Merry Christmas was a wooden sign I found at a local decoration shop that my hubby sawed in half for me. I also purchased a battery/timer string of lights in a "Cool/White" color. The wreath is 32" and BARELY fit on my door hehe.

I hand "flocked" the wreath and sprayed it with the "Snow" spray. You can find the "Snow" spray at any decor/hobby store. Here are the supplies i used to flock the wreath. 

This is the picture of the wreath with JUST the "Snow" spray can on it:

I started by putting the "snow" spray on and letting it dry completely before "flocking" the branches. 

To "flock" the wreath: Start by putting the white craft paint randomly on the tips of the wreath branches. You are trying to create the effect of the snow landing on the wreath like it naturally would & make it thick, thicker the better!!

WHILE the PAINT is WET!! Sprinkle the Glitter on liberally---most will fall off but you don't want too little glitter. I also added the blue and silver glitter for more color. But the transparent works perfect too!

The true "flocking" stuff is sold online mostly but it was quite spendy and you had to purchase A LOT of it! So i found this method way easier for me and i think it would be easier for anyone to find these supplies just about everywhere. Plus this method is a lot more sparkly than true flocking would be. ;-)
I LOVED how it turned out!!

I then just started putting the Wreath together, I had bought the evergreen piece with the pinecone has a big bunch in the floral dept of Hobby Lobby and just bent the huge wire piece around and wired on the rest. The Blue curly pieces came in a bunch and I took those apart and scattered them throughout for a balanced look. 

I took the Large Silver Snowflake and Wired/Hot Glued the Heck out of it to the back of the wreath & attached the snowman to the center with a ton of hot glue. Don't burn your fingers!! :-)

I added the darker blue and silver snowflakes through out the wreath, I got those at Walmart & added the silver swirls that i had picked up from Hobby Lobby as well.   

Overall im SOOOO excited about this wreath! I wish we had a Hobby Lobby in my town and I would have made a lot more and tried to possibly sell them! It was so much fun!! 

Here is a Money Saving tip:
 Try to find an old wreath at a garage sale or thrift store and over haul it into your favorite christmas decoration with your own custom theme!! Great way to save some money and recycle that old christmas decor!! 

I wanted to add the Yarn Wreath my friend made as well. She got most of the decorations at Walgreens:

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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