Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sock Snowman

I made a Christmas Wreath a couple weeks ago ( Tutorial Here ) & wanted a Snowman theme but could not find a snowman I wanted to add to the wreath that I liked. So of course, make one yourself!! So i found a couple tutorials for Sock Snowmans & LOVED this on. I didn't have any knee high white socks so I went to the dollar store and got 2 for $1 & then found a TON of patterned socks that would make the cutest Sock Family! So then my 1 sock snowman turned into a family haha. I was able to find the perfect blue to add to my wreath and got home and busted these out in a matter of 2 hours! My mom had A TON of buttons that I used to embellish them perfectly! I also used some scrap scrapbooking stuff too that i had laying around. I used toothpicks for the noses and painted them with kids washable paint that i had laying around. The white cord string i got on clearance at Walmart for .20!!! It was half a roll but I have used that stuff for more things than i can count!!

 For the 2 small snowman's in the Family, I used my daughters old socks that I had lost the matches too.

This is the Snowman I made for my Wreath:

I babysat a girl this summer and had her for a school break and her and the neighbor family came over and we made this whole bunch of snowman's. 

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