Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mommy & Baby Monthly/Weekly Stickers

My Sister in law recently became preggers with their second baby & as a little gift I made her some Pregnancy Weekly Stickers that she can use to remember her baby bump as it grows. I have seen these all over the internet and wanted to make some that were a little more unique. She picked out the colors she wanted and really like this circle design.  I printed them off on my printer and then used my Silhouette to cut everything out for me. I highly recommend if you do this to use Staples Sticker Paper, its the more economical and works AWESOME! 

I then got a little gift box that they fit perfectly into and "wrapped" them up. 

I totally forgot to take a picture of this but I also added a few stickers that said, "Ultrasound Day","In Labor", "Its a Girl,", "Its A Boy" & "First Kick" I thought of a million others but didn't want to over do it haha. 

My sister in law was attending a Baby Shower and asking if I could make her some Baby Monthly Stickers as well & of course I would LOVE to do that so I designed these Baby Monthly Stickers for her. 

Then with my machine I made a custom box with some paper that coordinated. It was so easy and fun!! I can't wait to make more!!

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