Monday, November 25, 2013

Baby Food Pouch "Roll Ups"

I found this idea while looking for looking for homemade fruit roll up type snacks. This is such a great idea!!

These are "Fruit Roll ups" using Baby/Toddler Food Pouch food. I used the ones without chunks but i would assume you could do that as well.

I used cookie sheets with Reynolds Non Stick foil but you could use parchment paper as well. 
I then picked out a variety of flavors for the "Roll Ups"

I then emptied the pouch on to the foil, I put 2 different flavors on the same cookie sheet cause i didn't have many cookie sheets to go around.

I tried to spread out the baby food with a spatula but that became hard, I ended up shaking it to spread it out and If I could give one tip, DO NOT make it TOO THIN! IT dries into leather and I think if it was left a little thicker it would be better. 

Then set your oven as LOW as it will go, mine only goes to 170 but I have read 140 is better if you can do that. 

Set the timer for about 4 hours ( thats what i did cause i filled the oven with all the cookie sheets of food i could) but do small intervals so you can monitor the progress of the drying process. Another thought is, use a food dehydrator!! I wish i had one I would have so done this method!

Now, this is the tricky part cause some of mine where thicker and not spread like the others so they all finished at different times and then dumby me got really busy and forgot the other ones and they turned into LEATHER! still good but harder for the little ones to eat. I would suggest keeping them thicker and not letting them dry completely out, like i did :-p

I then Peeled the entire dried piece off the foil and put them on parchment paper and cut them into strips and rolled them up!!

Shame on me never got a finished product but turns out my girls didn't even want to try it!!! I ended up giving them all to my Sister in law and her son loved them! So I would say if i could ever get my girls to try them they would like them also, after all they would eat the food straight out of the pouch just fine! I really want to try making my own puree but that sounds like a another project for another day! :-p
Hope enjoyed this tutorial!! 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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