Sunday, November 24, 2013

Baby/Toddler "Trail Mix"

My inspiration for this post was trying to find different and new twists on snacks for my girls.

So as usual I set out on Pinterest for inspiration. I found quite a few ideas and one being a Baby "Trail Mix". Using things we already give our Little Ones but just adding them all together in one mix! I made this after they went on a awesome sale at my local Smiths Food & Drug. Yes, they aren't all organic and you could for sure substitute any organic baby snack in for the ones pictured here. 

Here is what i put in this mixture. 

Baby "Trail Mix"

  I then dumped everything into a big bowl. You can change the ratio however you would like. I have even started to brain storm a mixture for my 3 1/2 year old.

I then took the Labels of the "Puffs" containers so i could reuse them for this mixture & put them in the diaper bag. Because the volume is bigger than what came out of these containers I did have to use a plastic storage container for the rest. 

 Once you have achieved the perfect mixture start filling up your containers!!

I would LOOVVEE to hear what combos you come up with! I will definitely post when i come up with one for the older kiddos!! 
Thanks for reading!! Hope this comes in handy for all those who will be traveling for this holiday season! 

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