Sunday, November 3, 2013

Batman & Robin

As promised, here are some pictures of my girlies costumes! They are what you call Tutu Dresses, I found a few different tutorials on Pintrest to get my started. I also just printed off stencils for the decals and cut those out of felt and hot glued them on to the tutu dress tops, the straps are just sparkly type ribbon ( bought at walmart ) that i had on hand. Here are some pictures that i took along the way of making them:

With Both Tutu's I put them on books or some sort of hard surface so that I was able to stretch the bodice just a tiny bit to be able to navigate the holes on where to put the tulle.

Another thing i figured out is buying the tulle in spools instead of off the bolt. SOOOO much easier and then i just measured how long i wanted it on each girl and then found a book or box that was that length and wrapped the tulle around that object and cut one side for my strips of tulle, it went soo fast! and to make a fuller better looking tutu, you take two of those strips and lay them on top of each other and then fold in half and then start looking in through the holes on the bodice. That was such a better way to do it. I have made a tutu using just elastic and it turned out really bad looking. I highly recommend using a crocheted bodice for the any tutu. I ended up putting long sleeve shirts on under the tutu to provide warmth and modesty. Another option is to cut on strip of the tulle about an inch shorter than the other and then you get a layered effect. You can cut the strips to dress length or shorter. Its totally customizable!

The batman mask was cut from two pieces of felt using a stencil from the internet and then sewn together with a piece of elastic to hold it on. I have seen paper masks with ribbon also and that would work too. I wanted something a little sturdier since was doing pictures and then trick or treating.  

Kendall's tutu ( Robin ) seemed to do a lot better since it was shorter, Shelby's ( Batman ) got a little balled up and nasty on the ends from it being a little too long but over all I'm very happy with the results and will be making more of these types of tutus in the future! They both got way too much candy and making it very hard for me to stay out of it!! hehe

I would love to hear what your kiddo's were for halloween! Hope everyone had a safe and candy filled holiday! ;-)

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